What Is an MFI USB-C to Lightning Charging Cable? Know the Basics


USB-C to lightning charging cables provides you with the benefits of USB-C and lightning connectors. For this reason, they are pretty popular among Apple gadget owners. There are many USB-C lightning cables on the market. However, an MFI USB-C to lightning charging cable is highly recommended; an MFI USB c charger cable is certified and connects easily with your Apple phone. The Ugreen website is a great place to start looking for certified USB-C to lightning charger cables. But to what extent do you know about these USB-C charging cables?

Learn the basics of MFI USB-C to Lightning charging cables

Most Apple phone owners will not bother to know much about the phone’s charging cable, provided it serves its purpose. While this is okay, having a basic understanding of the cable allows you to appreciate it even better. We will let you know a few things about these cables to help you learn. Here we go!

The MFI badge

One of the only ways to identify an MFI USB-C to lightning cable is through the MFI badge. This badge guarantees that the cable is “Made for Apple phones.” The badge also ensures that the cable is synonymous with apple brand products; you will see it on the cable or packaging. You can check the certification of the charger or cable by authenticating its serial number. The good thing is you’ll find these certified cables at Ugreen and in a variety.

The process of receiving the MFI badge

All third-party accessories and gadgets receive the MFI badge after careful testing. The accessories and gadgets go through a test process to determine if they meet the quality standards. Two main qualities are tested before a product or accessory is MFI certified. The first is the charging speed; the main reason is to ensure they can charge at incredible speed. Construction comes second; the cables have to be correctly constructed. Their construction influences their durability. While testing their structure, the cable’s materials are also a significant concern.

Compatibility and serial number concerns

One of the best things about MFI-certified cables is their compatibility with Apple devices. A cable cannot receive the MFI badge if it is incompatible with the intended devices. Another element of an MFI-certified charging cable is the serial number. Each cable has a unique serial number you can use to determine its authenticity. Serial numbers for MFI USB-C to Lightning charging cables ought to be legit.

How much does the charging cable cost?

MFI USB-C to lightning cables is a little pricier than uncertified ones. Their cost is due to their quality materials and compatibility. They are also incredibly durable, which makes them worth every penny. While there are cheaper uncertified options, they are usually less stable and problematic.


MFI Certification is a licensing program for third-party hardware and software developers for Apple products. The certification helps ensure that the third-party accessories are compatible with Apple products. Here is the good news; you can now browse the Ugreen website and buy certified USB-C to lightning charging cables.


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