Learning How To Buy FIFA Coins The Right Way


FIFA coins are one of the most sought-after virtual currencies if you’re an online gamer. These FIFA coins are used in both FIFA Mobile and FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). The virtual coins are used in buying packs, cards, and items from the Store and Market. As a gamer, learning how to buy fifa coins from a reputable seller becomes a priority.

Although used in both FIFA Mobile and FUT, FIFA coins have gained more popularity because of FUT. The FUT mode was first introduced in FIFA 09 and saw the use of FIFA coins as a way of making online and offline purchases.

How can you get these FIFA coins?

The first and possibly the easiest way to get FIFA coins is by earning them in the FIFA Mobile or FIFA Ultimate Team mode games. You can do this by playing matches, completing stated objectives, item sales on the market, getting coins as rewards, and buying from reputable sources.

Do these FIFA coins have real-life value?

FIFA coins were originally designed as a virtual currency to be used in FIFA games. For this reason, there’s really no fixed value for the coin in real life. The ease of earning these FIFA coins is the only way to evaluate and estimate the value of the virtual currency. With that said, a FIFA coin is estimated to be worth around USD 0.0002. This means about 5,000 FIFA coins is approximately USD 1.

Safety tips for buying FIFA coins

You’re looking to get the best FIFA Ultimate Team mode experience and you need more FIFA coins. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in looking for a way to increase your virtual currency. However, it’s advisable you do things the right way. So, here are some safety tips to know and follow before your next purchase.

How many FIFA coins do you really need?

This may seem like an obvious answer but it’s something most people take for granted. Like real-life money, there’s never too much of what you can do with unlimited FIFA coins. Still, you need to know the quantity you want at that moment before initiating a transaction. Yes, bulk purchase gives you access to discounts but it’ll be a total waste of money if you don’t need that many FIFA coins.

Are you buying at the best price?

The price of FIFA coins from third-party sellers is always fluctuating. They tend to be more expensive at the beginning of the game’s launch and gradually reduce towards the end of the game’s year. There are always several merchants offering different prices and discounts. Ensure you get the best price so you can get more coins for the same amount.


Since the launch of FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 09, FIFA coins have been one of the most sought-after virtual currencies in the gaming world. There are many ways to earn these FIFA coins in the game, but when looking to build a super team in FUT, the coins just don’t seem to be enough. There are several merchants looking to sell FIFA coins. The onus is on your to make your research, decide on the quantity to be bought, and find sellers offering the best price.

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