Reasons Why a Person Should Choose Fixed Speed Screw Compressor


You have heard about screw compressors and fixed-speed screw compressors which are the most preferred type of compressors used worldwide. Some essential factors contribute to making a compressor fully functional in all aspects. Fixed-speed screw compressors have successfully won the hearts of people by containing all features.

Moreover, most people wonder why there comes a need to introduce fixed-speed screw compressors when vsd compressors were working amazingly. The reason is that in the case of vsd compressors the speed of the compressor keeps on changing while fixed speed compressors work on constant speed.

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Basics of Fixed Speed Screw Compressor

You will have a concept about a fixed-speed screw compressor just by hearing its name. The type of screw compressor that can supply fixed and constant voltage to the motor is referred to as a fixed-speed screw compressor. Due to this constant voltage, the rotary screws will also run at a constant speed and air will be pressurized constantly.

In this way, we can say that even if the minimum load is to be placed, the machine will still operate at full throttle. But the thing we must know about fixed-speed screw compressors is that they will consume a lot of energy. As once the pressure reaches the exact value then more air will be driven by the running motor again.

Why Prefer Fixed Speed Screw Compressor?

Reasons for preferring fixed-speed screw compressors are mentioned below:

Independent of Load

Fixed-speed screw compressors are designed to be worked at a constant speed and hands it also keeps the machine operating at full throttle. No matter what kind of load you use, the machine will keep its working normally.

Life Span

We can easily use a fixed-speed screw compressor for a long period. But the only demand is its maintenance, the compressor will work perfectly as long as it is maintained efficiently.

Parts Availability

Fixed speed compressors offer this facility to their users so that their parts can be available very easily in case of any damage. Other compressors put a person in worry as the parts are very rare but there is no such worry in the case of fixed-speed compressors.

Working Environment

The reason why this compressor is highly preferred at the industrial level is that it doesn’t demand any kind of clean environment. This is because its design is so flexible that it is not much sensitive to dust and debris and hands can be used perfectly in all environments.

Low Maintenance

As mentioned above, the parts of fixed-speed screw compressors can be fetched easily and hence we can say that its maintenance and as well as installation are pretty easy as compared to other compressors.

When A Fixed Screw Compressor Can Be Used?

As mentioned above-fixed speed screw compressors come with low cost and hence are listed among the perfect choice for most of the companies who have less access to the capital funds. Moreover, fixed-speed screw compressors also require less expensive maintenance and the availability of their parts is its most prominent key feature.

Fixed speed screw compressors are also highly recommended just be vsd compressors. These compressors are considered perfect for the given discussed platforms:

  • For companies that have a demand for compressed air in low variation.
  • For the companies that are facing inconsistent power supply.
  • If the environment is not as clean and safe then fixed-speed screw compressors are preferred as they are not much sensitive to dirt or moisture.

Ending Thoughts

Fixed-speed screw compressors come with such unique and amazing features that contribute to fulfilling all the requirements of users. That’s why, whenever a need for air compressors arises, fixed-speed screw compressors always remain the priority of a person. Moreover, these compressors also help reduce the amount of oil used in a traditional compressor.


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